Misty Anderson is busy taking her clothes off.. The only thing left is her panties, and she’s quickly sliding down her panties around her ankles. She can leave her high heels – we love watching Misty Anderson prance around wearing nothing but her high heels…

misty anderson sliding down her panties

And once Misty Anderson has all of her clothes off and she lays down on her belly smashing her perky titties on the bed… You know you want to mix it up with Misty Anderson when she’s naked!

misty anderson perky boobs 1

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Everyone likes live cam shows, right? Almost as much as boobs, right? Right.

Misty Anderson has done her fair share of live cam shows. Every chance I get I log in to see Misty Anderson doing her thing… It’s so sexy!

misty anderson cam show1

And Misty Anderson plays the role well.. She has a great body and Misty Anderson loves showing off!

misty anderson cam show2

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I love my life…. I might just be the luckiest guy alive.

Misty Anderson came up to visit me a few years back and we went shopping for some slutty clothes – high heels, short Daisy Duke shorts, and a bustier top – and then went out and took some photos up against my Mach 1 Mustang. It was a really crappy day out, no sun at all, and… Well, I am not a photographer. But we sure had fun!

And Misty Anderson looked great in her short shorts and high heels – Misty Anderson has some great legs!


Don’t you wish you could do a photo shoot like this with Misty Anderson?

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Here’s a picture of me and Misty Anderson… That was a fun ride!

rochard misty anderson

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You just got to love Misty Anderson and her utterly perfect breasts.

I’ll never forget the first time I met Misty Anderson; It was in Phoenix. She was wearing a bikini; God bless Misty Anderson and her sexy breasts. In fact, there is a video of the first night we met… We just said “Hey, lets go shoot Misty Anderson and see what happens. True story. Good times.

misty anderson perfect teens

Misty Anderson still hasn’t aged a fucking day.

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You just got to love a woman who gets off pulling out her boobies and flashing us in public – in a restaurant of all places! And if that’s not hot enough in itself, she’s also drinking red bull!

This is exactly why Misty Anderson will always be marriage material…

misty anderson flashing boobies in resturant

Damn, Misty Anderson has some big boobies these days! Very nice!

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American Kittens

She’s back and hotter than ever. Misty Anderson is just like a fine wine… She’s getting better with every new photo shoot. This shoot isn’t from her site, but instead from American Kittens – who seems to be shooting Misty Anderson a lot these days. I’m not complaining; I’ll take Misty Anderson any way I can get her…

misty anderson red bra panties-pussy shot 7

Misty Anderson has a great rack for her sexy bra… And of course we always love seeing her pussy when Misty Anderson spreads her legs too!

misty anderson red bra panties-pussy shot 2 misty anderson red bra panties-pussy shot 3 misty anderson red bra panties-pussy shot 4 misty anderson red bra panties-pussy shot 5

And that ass? Don’t even get me started on that tight hot little ass Misty Anderson has… I would slam that so hard we would BOTH be sore in the morning!

misty anderson red bra panties-pussy shot 6

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Misty Anderson loves working out. She can kick your ass all day long.

And chicks that can kick my ass turn me on.

misty anderson tight ass

It pays off for Misty Anderson, because she’s got one hell of a great body. And a beautiful ass. No wonder why Misty Anderson works out so much.

But just think – imagine what a super fit women can do to you in bed, huh?

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When Misty Anderson pulls her panties down, she’s not pulling her panties down because she’s hot. Well, she is hot, but she’s pulling her panties down because she’s hot, horny, and bothered… she’s pulling her panties down because she’s expecting to get laid.

If you are ever in the same room watching Misty Anderson pull off her panties, you are one lucky man!

misty anderson pulling down her panties

But now that Misty Anderson has her panties pulled down, what are you going to do?

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Tight Ass In Jeans

I mentioned earlier that Misty Anderson was an All American cow girl, and here’s proof. I believe this is her truck….

Wow, what a great little ass Misty Anderson has, huh? I know, right? It’s beautiful…

misty anderson jeans tight ass cowgirl pussy shot truck13

Then Misty Anderson starts getting naked outside at the farm…. Hot hot hot!

Beautiful perky tits Misty Anderson has!

misty anderson jeans tight ass cowgirl pussy shot truck14

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