The older Misty Anderson gets, the better she gets. She’s not yet MILF material, but I would love to knock her up. Oh god yes… If I got the chance I would rip that blouse right off of her body, hike up her skirt – no need to remove her panties because I’m guessing Misty Anderson isn’t wearing any panties – and then just bend her over and fuck her right there and then…

From behind. Because I’m also guessing that Misty Anderson likes to be fucked from behind!

super sexy misty anderson

Look that cleavage Misty Anderson is hiding from us… That tramp! She needs to release the girls so we can check them out and play with them!

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It’s been a while, but Misty Anderson is still looking good…. She’s got bigger boobs too!

But she’s still a horny slut, one finger in her mouth and the other finger in buried deep in her pussy… Yeah, Misty Anderson has always been horny!

misty anderson naked

And the more time passes, the hornier she gets! Misty Anderson will always be sexy!

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Misty Anderson is a lesbian through and through… She always has been – and it’s easy to understand why. Do you think Misty Anderson wants to fuck something hairy and sweaty, or something hairless that smells pretty and has smooth skin AND knows how to satisfy a woman? That’s why most chicks are lesbians…

And I am guessing this isn’t the first time Misty Anderson has spent in the shower with another chick…


This other chick is Raven Riley – who is nearly as hot as Misty Anderson is!

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I love it when women get all dressed up. And when that woman has a body like Misty Anderson, it’s nothing but win win all around.

In fact, when that women is Misty Anderson, well, all of our prayers have been answered. Lucky for us, Misty Anderson loves showing off!

misty anderson -215-14-lg

I love watching Misty Anderson in her sexy lingerie, her black stockings with the little bows, and the fucking high heels. Hot hot hot!

And then she pulls down that hot black bustier and show us her titties – and a whole lot more!

misty anderson -215-02-lg misty anderson -215-12-lg misty anderson -215-53-lg misty anderson -215-68-lg

Misty Anderson is smoking hot!

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Naked Bike Riding

Nude bike riding – hot.


In fact, watching Misty Anderson ride a bike naked… Is just fucking priceless!

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No matter what Misty Anderson wears, she’s smoking hot.

Misty Anderson has some great legs and she loves showing them off. She knows what she’s got and how to show them off!

misty anderson -218-02-lg

If you look at that picture closely… It looks like Misty Anderson is topless on a roof!

misty anderson -218-17-lg misty anderson -218-33-lg

How is that for some hot public nudity? Seems like Misty Anderson is the king of public nudity!

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Misty Anderson is my kind of girl… In fact, she always has been – from the very first day I met her! Not only is she fun and perky and upbeat, but she’s oh so fucking sexy. Then again, a woman never looks sexier than when she is wearing a pair of high heels and sliding her panties down around her ankles… That’s hot!

misty anderson-panties around ankles 1

Once a woman like Misty Anderson slides her panties down past her ankles that means someone is getting laid…

Or maybe today Misty Anderson is going to masturbate for us!

misty anderson-panties around ankles 2

Misty Anderson can masturbate all day with her fucking panties around her ankles….

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Now this is exactly how I like to see Misty Anderson… Naked, wearing only high heels, with her panties down around her ankles… Is it me, or does she look like she is having a massive orgasm here?

With Misty Anderson sliding her panties down around her ankles like this you know she’s going to be fucking something!

misty anderson panties around knees

And oh god what I wouldn’t give to fuck Misty Anderson!

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If all men like big boobs, then it must be true that all women like to be dominated. You tell me you are going to give me a spanking with a leather paddle and I’m like “I don’t think so Scooter”. But women seem to love it.

Misty Anderson loves the occasional spanking… But with her perky titties hanging out of her leather bustier, she can dish it out just as good as she can take it! Misty Anderson is lots of fun like this!

misty anderson lesbian sex spankings

Who wouldn’t want to get between Misty Anderson and her hot lesbian girlfriend who likes to be spanked?

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Everyone likes a tight little cowgirl to remind them how sexy life can be… Sounds like the perfect job for none other than Misty Anderson!

Look at her tits here… Misty Anderson has always had a tight little sexy rack, but the little tank top shows off her boobs perfectly. Utterly perfectly!


Then when she takes her shirt off you can see why. Misty Anderson has perfect boobs. No push up bra needed!


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