Country Girl Fun

Misty Anderson has the perfect ass. There’s just no denying this. And when she puts on her short little shorts, well, it’s perfection.

She’s a real country girl too, horses and all, so Misty Anderson isn’t pretending and playing a role here. She might not live on farm any more, but she has more horses than you have girlfriends and most likely always will.


Misty Anderson is one hot country girl I wouldn’t mind trying to split in half!

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I love finding pictures I’ve never seen before… Check it – Misty Anderson in a hot red bikini strutting around like a hot sexy peacock. In fact, the very first time I met Misty Anderson she was wearing a bikini – it was at pool in Phoenix. Good times, good times. She made a video for me that day. Funny stuff.

Suddenly Misty Anderson pulls her bikini top over to one side and shows off her sexy boob…. That’s hot! Misty Anderson has always had a great rack!

misty anderson hot sexy bikini

While I might love seeing Misty Anderson in a bikini, I love seeing Misty Anderson pulling her titties out just as much! That is one perfect boob!

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Don’t you wish women dressed up in sheer lingerie like Misty Anderson here? You can see right through her lingerie… What a great little rack she has! Yum!

Misty Anderson isn’t wearing any panties… And stockings…. Is this all one piece? Lingerie today is way to complicated…

misty anderson babe hot boobs great ass 1

Misty Anderson loves to show off, and when she bends off to show off her tight tush… That is super sexy with those black stockings!

misty anderson babe hot boobs great ass 2

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Damn, Misty Anderson has such huge perky titties… I tend not to think of Misty Anderson as having huge boobs, but there they are… Huge and proudly on display. Looks like she’s outside too, in someone’s back yard… Public nudity is always hot!

misty anderson perfect titties

That look that Misty Anderson has on her face… Is priceless! It’s almost like Misty Anderson is begging to be fucked hard!

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We bet that Misty Anderson wouldn’t have to pay for anything if she didn’t want to… With her movie star looks and her huge rack, she could get away with just flirting with men and she can get her way.

Would you be able to say no to Misty Anderson? No, I couldn’t either. She’s beautiful.


When Misty Anderson looses her bikini top…. That’s hot and sex!

Those breasts Misty Anderson has are flawless!


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The older Misty Anderson gets, the better she gets. She’s not yet MILF material, but I would love to knock her up. Oh god yes… If I got the chance I would rip that blouse right off of her body, hike up her skirt – no need to remove her panties because I’m guessing Misty Anderson isn’t wearing any panties – and then just bend her over and fuck her right there and then…

From behind. Because I’m also guessing that Misty Anderson likes to be fucked from behind!

super sexy misty anderson

Look that cleavage Misty Anderson is hiding from us… That tramp! She needs to release the girls so we can check them out and play with them!

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Misty Anderson is one of those chicks who likes to take baths. Long, drawn out, baths. What chicks like Misty Anderson like to do is spend a few hours in the tub, naked, where they masturbate as much as they want. I bet you every time Misty Anderson gets in the tub she gets herself off three or four times in two hours. One would just imagine watching Misty Anderson masturbate would be super hot and a lot of fun. It must be even more hotter when she does in the bath tub!


This is how Misty Anderson starts – she starts off by playing with her titties and then works her way down!

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It’s been a while, but Misty Anderson is still looking good…. She’s got bigger boobs too!

But she’s still a horny slut, one finger in her mouth and the other finger in buried deep in her pussy… Yeah, Misty Anderson has always been horny!

misty anderson naked

And the more time passes, the hornier she gets! Misty Anderson will always be sexy!

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Ever notice that Misty Anderson likes to show off and get naked outside? She was like that when I first met her – she was only wearing a bikini to start off with, but it didn’t take much to get her to take off all of her clothes. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Misty Anderson naked in person. It’s a sight worth seeing.

Misty Anderson is just amazing – even her titties are bigger now. Perfect for some motorboating fun!

sexy misty anderson 33

And knowing Misty Anderson like I do I am sure that she would let us motorboat her if we asked nicely!

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Misty Anderson is a lesbian through and through… She always has been – and it’s easy to understand why. Do you think Misty Anderson wants to fuck something hairy and sweaty, or something hairless that smells pretty and has smooth skin AND knows how to satisfy a woman? That’s why most chicks are lesbians…

And I am guessing this isn’t the first time Misty Anderson has spent in the shower with another chick…


This other chick is Raven Riley – who is nearly as hot as Misty Anderson is!

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