Sexy Cowgirl

Every time we see Misty Anderson in a cowboy hat with her titties out, it’s instant wood for us.


Misty Anderson is just smoking hot – and with the perfect body too!

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Women And Guns

Who knew that Misty Anderson was into firearms… Super fucking hot!

misty anderson gun nut

I swear Misty Anderson just gets hotter and hotter every time we see her!

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This is the perfect picture of Misty Anderson – showing us both sides and exactly what we want. Let’s face it, when it comes to women it’s all about the boobs and Misty Anderson is all boobs all the way. She has a beautiful little rack.

Her ass is flawless too. Misty Anderson works out; She’s featured on fitness magazines all the time. Look at her fucking arms – Misty Anderson can kick your ass.

Yet at the same time she’s all lady like and even more in a black bustier and black stockings…

misty anderson -215-14-lg

And her face… Well, who wouldn’t want to fuck her face?

I’d fuck Misty Anderson any which way I could!

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Sexy White Panties

Time for us to go back in time and check out Misty Anderson when she was a bit younger… We always love a chick in pig tails, right? And that face… So cute!

We cant’ see much of her rack, but from what we can see you can tell Misty Anderson has some huge boobs. She’s always had a good rack; We’ve known this.

misty anderson teen white panties1

But today, this view, from behind… Fucking priceless. Misty Anderson has a great ass, and it looks beautiful in her sexy white panties!

misty anderson teen white panties2

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Two Mistys Naked

Just when you thought one Misty was enough to last a lifetime, suddenly you look up and you discover two hot chicks named Misty standing in front of you, holding hands… Now isn’t that just the hottest thing ever?

I would totally band two hot chicks both named Misty!

two hot naked chicks named misty

I think Misty and Misty had bikinis on…. But they most of have lost them somewhere along the line!

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All men like titties, and most of us like bikinis just by default. Titties and bikini go together hand in and hand. And Misty Anderson wears a bikini well!

She’s in the pool but it looks like she’s trying to get her boobies out of that bikini…

misty anderson pool bikini titties flashing

And what an impressive rack Misty Anderson has too! Those are some beautiful breasts!

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Misty Anderson is so sweet… Tight and perky; Misty Anderson can kick your ass without giving it much thought… She’s hot like that.

As if it’s not hot enough that Misty Anderson is dressing up for us in sexy lingerie and a bustier and all that, it’s even hotter when she’s stripping down…

perky misty anderson1 perky misty anderson2 perky misty anderson3 perky misty anderson5

And those tits! The tits Misty Anderson has are to die for… I would quickly give up my left nut just for one night with Misty Anderson!

perky misty anderson4

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Misty Anderson still knows how to bring it… Best body ever, perfect titties, great fucking high heels…. The stockings, the lingerie; Misty Anderson is willing to go the distance to make it happen! She’s not only marriage material, she’s the perfect woman!

Killer body!

misty anderson stockings cleavage 6

And from behind Misty Anderson still looks great… Hot thong, garters…. Super sexy!

misty anderson stockings cleavage 4

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It’s always been my belief that all women are lesbians. Somewhere deep down inside of every women, they like other chicks. They might never admit it, but they are all at the very least bi-curious. If they aren’t, you have to encourage it. It will come out sooner or later.

Misty Anderson has always been into other chicks…

misty anderson hot lesbian kiss

Maybe that’s why I like Misty Anderson so much. I mean, other than the fact that she can kick my ass and has a perfect little rack, I like Misty Anderson because she likes banging dudes and eating pussy.

I can only imagine how often Misty Anderson has threesomes!

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Country Girl Fun

Misty Anderson has the perfect ass. There’s just no denying this. And when she puts on her short little shorts, well, it’s perfection.

She’s a real country girl too, horses and all, so Misty Anderson isn’t pretending and playing a role here. She might not live on farm any more, but she has more horses than you have girlfriends and most likely always will.


Misty Anderson is one hot country girl I wouldn’t mind trying to split in half!

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