Sexy Pink Bustier

Misty Anderson looks stunning in her pink bustier and thigh high stockings. We can’t see if she is wearing high heels, but it’s pretty safe to assume that she is… Misty Anderson seems to live in her high heels!

The high heels combined with the stockings we can see she is wearing makes Misty Anderson super hot!

sexy misty anderson black stockings 3

And you all know how Misty Anderson likes showing off!

sexy misty anderson black stockings 5 sexy misty anderson black stockings 1 sexy misty anderson black stockings 2 sexy misty anderson black stockings 4

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I love Misty Anderson. Make no mistake about it. I would so fucking hit it. In fact, I would marry Misty Anderson.

This photo of Misty Anderson rocks my world – she’s on her hands and knees like a slut wearing only high heels and stockings with her panties down around her knees sucking on a vibrator…

misty anderson doggie style vibrator panties around knees

Say what you want about Misty Anderson, but she’s a slut through and through! I love it!

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One of the things I love best about Misty Anderson is her live shows… She’s so much fun and so perky and so willing please…

She sits and chats with everyone for a while, reminding us that at the end of the day she’s just a girl – even if she is smoking hot!

misty anderson cam show1

Then she starts showing off her body. Let’s face it, Misty Anderson has always had a great body….

misty anderson cam show2

Then when the live show gets really going Misty Anderson pulls out her sex toys and does to town on herself!

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Flawless Body

One of the things I’ve always loved about Misty Anderson is how she keeps in shape, and how her body always looks freaking flawless. I’ve seen her work out in the gym with my very own eyes; She puts a lot of effort into it. And it pays off. Because Misty Anderson has the perfect body.

She still does. And knowing Misty Anderson like I know her… She will always have the most perfect body!


I bet you Misty Anderson knows how to use her body just right in the bedroom too….

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Now this is exactly how I see Misty Anderson in my eyes… Firm and tan, half naked, and ready to kick your ass. I think fucking Misty Anderson would be more like flying in an F15 jet fighter, or maybe the new Raptor. Hot.

I would ride with Misty Anderson.

misty anderson-2

Seeing Misty Anderson like this… I just want to pin her down to the floor and show her exactly much of a man I really am!

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Now this is the kind of shot of Misty Anderson I like to see more often… All Misty Anderson is wearing is a pair of high heels and sexy black thigh high stockings! That’s perfecto!

Damn Misty Anderson has some long legs… And she’s got her snatch on display too!

misty anderson hot pussy shot

Which one of you fools wouldn’t want to bury your face in Misty Anderson’s snatch?

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Misty Anderson just cannot wait to get naked… She’s stripping off her clothes…. This cowgirl was wearing flannel and a jean skirt, but that’s all coming off.. And shortly she’ll be naked – which is exactly how we like to see Misty Anderson!

Look at that ass Misty Anderson has… Perfect!

misty anderson cleavage boobies cowgirl 3

And the older Misty Anderson gets, the bigger her titties get too!

misty anderson cleavage boobies cowgirl 1

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Now isn’t this just enough to make you cum instantly? It’s Misty Anderson having lesbian sex while wearing a plaid skirt and has her hair in pig tails.

If that’s not enough to make you cum instantly, the fact that she has a huge dildo in her mouth must be a huge turn on!

misty anderson lesbian

That’s right… Misty Anderson is having lesbian sex with a chick who is wearing a strap on dildo… That’s because no matter what, all chicks like the cock!

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Now that’s a big truck Misty Anderson has… Big truck for a big breasted girl.

And all of this time you didn’t believe me when I’ve been telling you that Misty Anderson is a truck loving country girl!

misty anderson truck 1

Imagine taking a road trip out to the hills with Misty Anderson… So she can have her way with you! Misty Anderson would so be able to kick my ass.

We should be so lucky, huh?

misty anderson truck 2

Damn, that truck is bigger than mine!

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Tight Bikini Ass

Misty Andersen in a bikini in the tall grass… I can only imagine why Misty Anderson is half naked like this…

We have to admit Misty Anderson has a sexy little tight bikini body!

misty anderson bikini fun

And that ass! Oh, when Misty Anderson is wearing a little bikini and she bends over like this…. Smoking fucking hot!

Who wouldn’t want to tap that sweet ass!

misty anderson bikini fun2

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