Hot Work Out Pants

Misty Anderson likes to work out… Looks like she’s just about to get ready to work out.

Damn, those pants are tight… If this is what Misty Anderson wears when she works out it’s smoking hot – and we want to watch!

misty anderson tight pants

Come to think of it, I have watched Misty Anderson working out in tight pants… In San Diego once. And it was the best ten minutes of my life!

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I am not sure if I ever posted this picture of Misty Anderson… I am not only one of the biggest fans that Misty Anderson ever had, but also a good friend of hers…

This is Misty Anderson and me on my motorcycle during a trip to Mexico…

misty anderson rochard

And no, I didn’t let Misty Anderson drive… Although I wouldn’t being behind her holding on to her breasts…

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Even on an every day basis, Misty Anderson is still hot. She just knocks it out of the park no matter what she’s wearing. Very hot!

sexy misty anderson

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I’m not sure which is hotter when it comes to teen lesbians… When they rub their titties together or when they are sharing those sweet teen lesbian kisses….

Misty Andeson is rubbing her boobies with another hot chick. They both still have their bras on, but it’s hot seeing two sets of cleavage rubbing up against someone…

misty anderson rubbing-boobies-lesbian-kisses 1

Once they get their clothes off… It gets hotter than hot when Misty Anderson is sucking face with another chick!

misty anderson rubbing-boobies-lesbian-kisses 2

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Seeing Misty Anderson naked is such a treat. I’ve come to understand that all men like breasts – myself included – and when it comes to breasts so few women can compare to Misty Anderson. She has the most perfect breasts in the world!

All real too! I know… Just don’t ask how!

misty anderson-naked legs spread

Misty Anderson is just fucking flawless…

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No sense being shy or bashful any more… Misty Anderson is out there nearly naked, titties out, pulling aside her panties and getting ready to take care of business!

While Misty Anderson can snap her fingers and have as many men as she wants eating out of her hand, looks like today she’s going to be masturbating herself…


When Misty Anderson starts masturbating with her trusty vibrator… Everyone stops to watch!


I would pay good money to see Misty Anderson masturbating on video!

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Here’s a little inside story… Misty Anderson and I are friends. Not besties, I don’t think I even have her cell phone number… But I know her well enough so that she brought a nearly life sized poster of this picture for me to a show…. I still have it hanging up in my office; No wonder why I have so many blogs for Misty Anderson

misty anderson naked topless

You really do have to admit, Misty Anderson looks great in this shot – damn, she has perfct tits still!

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Sexy Cowgirl

Every time we see Misty Anderson in a cowboy hat with her titties out, it’s instant wood for us.


Misty Anderson is just smoking hot – and with the perfect body too!

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Women And Guns

Who knew that Misty Anderson was into firearms… Super fucking hot!

misty anderson gun nut

I swear Misty Anderson just gets hotter and hotter every time we see her!

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This is the perfect picture of Misty Anderson – showing us both sides and exactly what we want. Let’s face it, when it comes to women it’s all about the boobs and Misty Anderson is all boobs all the way. She has a beautiful little rack.

Her ass is flawless too. Misty Anderson works out; She’s featured on fitness magazines all the time. Look at her fucking arms – Misty Anderson can kick your ass.

Yet at the same time she’s all lady like and even more in a black bustier and black stockings…

misty anderson -215-14-lg

And her face… Well, who wouldn’t want to fuck her face?

I’d fuck Misty Anderson any which way I could!

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