Well now isn’t this just about perfect – a fit and trim young lady with a huge rack wearing only a pair of stockings. Looks her she had panties, but her thong is slowly sliding down and it’s only a matter of time before they are down at her ankles and on the bedroom floor – where a woman’s panties belong!

Misty Anderson is striking a pose for us and she’s never looked sexier!

misty anderson hot thong stockings

If you look at her ass close enough you can see Misty Anderson tans – she’s got tan lines. Looks like Misty Anderson has a thong bikini too!

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Flashing Boobies

All men like chicks that are fun. And Misty Anderson is one fun loving chick…

Misty Anderson is the type of girl that likes to have fun no matter where she is or what she’s doing…


And when you ask Misty Anderson to flash her boobies, well, she’s all about having fun… Lots and lots off fun!


And of course Misty Anderson has a great little rack too!

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Working Out Naked

It’s no big secret that Misty Anderson likes to work out, she’s been featured on the covers of fitness magazines before. That’s right – our Misty Anderson has is a real life model who takes off her clothes. And that’s hot. I wonder if those magazines know she poses naked online?

Anyhow… Looks like Misty Anderson is working out again… I never thought Misty Anderson works out naked, but that seems to be the case…

02 b

I’ve seen Misty Anderson working out a few times, but never naked….

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All American Babe


I know Misty Anderson personally and she’s not playing a role some like other chicks you might know. She is the real deal and she lets the world know it online – She’s a country girl through and through. She likes cowboys, horses – and big trucks. I’m not sure if this is her truck or not – I know she drives a truck but I’m not sure if this is hers – and chicks who drive trucks are just super super hot.

So it only makes sense that Misty Anderson is posing like a cowgirl topless in tight jeans in front of a big red truck on the farm…


And yes, Misty Anderson does have perfect titties!

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Oh goodie – let’s turn back to the good old days… This is an older picture, but still very very fucking hot!

Then again, any time a hot teen chick is washing a car in a bikini it’s fucking priceless! And Misty Anderson wears a bikini with her huge titties it’s just fucking magical!

misty anderson bikini car-wash

What a killer bikini body Misty Anderson has!

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As a man, I spend way too much time obsessing over woman’s tits. All men love titties. And we all know that Misty Anderson has enough tits for a fireteam of US Marines. Oorah.

But maybe I should pay more attention to what Misty Anderson has going on in the trunk… Because, hot damn, Misty Anderson has a beautiful tight little ass…

misty anderson hot sexy ass 1

And Misty Anderson looks great in a blue thong. I love how her ass cheeks are separated by her thong…

What a great position Misty Anderson is in!

misty anderson hot sexy ass 2

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All American Girl

You can’t say Misty Anderson isn’t the all American girl. And it’s not just for show either.


Misty Anderson is the type of girl who drives a big truck and has horses… She’s a cowgirl all right!

And we love her for it!

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It’s no secret that I am in love with Misty Anderson. I always have been, since the very first day I met her… And I still love her.

This is Me and Misty Anderson; I’m not sure where – maybe San Francisco, Maybe Phoenix, Maybe Vegas… I see her all the time.


At least Misty Anderson remembers my name when ever we run into each other!

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All I ever wanted was to see Misty Anderson naked. Again. She sure is a stunning site when she is naked.

Thankfully for us Misty Anderson takes very good care of her body. She works out daily and it shows. No chick has a better body than Misty Anderson!

misty anderson short shorts perky boobs misty anderson short shorts perky boobs2 misty anderson short shorts perky boobs3 misty anderson short shorts perky boobs5

She’s a real woman now… And she’s also very much buck naked in front of us!

Not all of us could go a few rounds with Misty Anderson – she’s a bit of a handful and rather strong!

misty anderson short shorts perky boobs4

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After all of this time I am still not sure what my favorite thing about Misty Anderson is… I like all of her. While her ass is nice and tight and firm like mutton, I must confess I do like her breasts. She has big firm beautiful breasts. No worry about not having the perfect mouthful with Misty Anderson for sure!

And that smile on her face!


Misty Anderson is even smiling while she is puling up her shirt and showing off her sexy rack!

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